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Products / Supplies


Our in-shop products and supplies are well stocked and ready for you use. We keep what is most commonly used in the industry but will not hold back on what we can order and get for you. Some of our products are as listed below:

Propane cylinder/tanks ranging from 1.5 gallons, five gallons, eight gallons, 10 gallons, 15 gallons, 25 gallons and up

Propane regulators: BBQ size, motor home and RV-sized, and custom adjustable regulators for varied home and commercial use

Propane piping and fittings including galvanized, brass and yellow poly

Welding gasses and cylinder sales and exchanges

Welding gas regulators, balloon filling regulators, off-road regulators, beer regulators and anything else you may need

Welding rods, sticks and wire on most common sizes and metals

Safety equipment from welding hoods and masks to jackets and shirts, gloves and sleeves

With our long history and location in Fallbrook we have a list of local and mobile welders, off-road fabricators, plumbers, and contractors that we would love to refer and keep the business local and help support our lovely small town.